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GESI Study Center

Specialized Center in Opposition Course to the National Police Force, Civil Guard, Local Police in Andalusia and the Corps of Assistants of Penitentiary Institutions.

At the GESI Study Centre we offer specialised and up-to-date training, in person at its headquarters in Huelva and remotely, through a virtual platform, to candidates who want to successfully prepare for the National Police, Civil Guard, Local Police in Andalusia and the Corps of Assistants of Penitentiary Institutions.

In addition, GESI has a private security department dedicated exclusively to this sector. 

Here we offer approved courses for security guards, and their different specialties, as well as various annual retraining courses aimed at the personnel of different private security companies.

To this end, the center has national private security registry number 1587.

Your study centre in Huelva

After many years of experience, teaching in different academies, a team of professionals decided to create the GESI Study Center, giving a young and different air in the preparation of this type of competitions, offering:

  • Individualized attention to each of our students.
  • Teachers with extensive experience and full commitment.
  • Fully up-to-date in-house material
  • Complete preparation of all tests

Our continuous training is based on continuous review, teaching at least one complete topic per week.

We offer a comprehensive preparation, from theoretical subjects, psychotechnical exercises, spelling exercises, physical tests, personality tests and personal interviews. We develop a curriculum, with a pedagogical orientation, continuous assessment of knowledge, more than 100 weekly multiple-choice questions, exam corrections and mock exams. In addition, students have continuous help support, in person at our center, by phone and via email.

GESI has a specialized teaching staff in each subject. In the technical police area, all our professors are members of the State security forces belonging to various categories with extensive professional experience.

To teach the rest of the areas we have lawyers, psychologists, computer scientists, mathematics and language teachers... A large team of professionals who will undoubtedly help our students to pass each of the tests.

We prepare our students to arrive at the exam in the physical conditions suitable to pass the tests. The preparation takes place at the Ibero-American stadium in Huelva. These tests are of the utmost importance, so we take care that our students have personalized training.

The GESI Study Centre is based in Huelva.

The Huelva headquarters consists of 4 fully equipped classrooms and is located 150 meters from the Ibero-American Stadium, where the teachers of our academy prepare the physical tests with the opponents. In this way, we make it easier for the opponent to carry out their physical preparation as soon as they leave the training center.

We are your academy in Huelva

We have great professionals who will help you achieve your goals

Effective methodology that adapts to the learner

All the necessary material for your preparation

Additional Resources to Complete Your Preparation

Collaborating companies


Do you want to take the exam for the National Police Force, Local Police or Civil Guard?

We have the experience and the team of professionals you need