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Psychotechnical Course

It aims to provide the student with all the necessary knowledge to level up in this type of test and to be able to face, with maximum safety, the official exam.

It is a perfect tool to help reinforce the psychotechnical test.

The course consists of tricks, tutorials, feedback exercises and exercises with explanatory videos from the teachers.


Face-to-Face Classes

We work intensively one day a week, consciously addressing fatigue, speed and knowledge.

Our methodology is based on permanent review, teaching new topics every week

Comprehensive preparation, with theoretical subjects, psychotechnical exercises, spelling, physical tests, personality test and personal interview


Basic Scale Course for the National Police Force

Basic scale of the National Police Force

We have different levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, so that you can prepare for the exams to suit you.

Course for Corporals and Guards of the Civil Guard

Scale of Corporals and Guards of the Civil Guard

We have face-to-face, blended and online classes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Local Police Course

Local Police in Andalusia

We train you at your own pace so that you prepare in the best possible way and get your place.

Corps of Prison Assistants

Corps of Prison Assistants

We prepare you with face-to-face classes and the best methodology to get your place. 

Other courses

Security Guard

Security Guard Course

We have specialized teachers and extensive experience in the sector, our own up-to-date material and the support of our virtual platform.


Personal Interview Preparation Course

We have a preparation system that will allow you to face this test successfully and safely.

Do you want to take the exam for the National Police Force, Local Police or Civil Guard?

We have the experience and the team of professionals you need